Self Storage For Keeping Important Items In Safe And Secure Environment

Self storage is an industry which provides storage unit to people who hire them and pay rent and are called tenants. Self storage companies provide facilities to people and let them store all their junk and things which are not being used and lying around and occupying space. The storage company charges rent which is reasonable to the tenant. The storage company provides security and 24/7 access to the tenant. Lockers are also provided by the self storage facility. Self storage is primarily in the United States of America based industry as out of the 58000 Self storage facilities world wide 46000 are in United States of America. Any person can use self storage to store anything inside itfor any period of time, but he cannot live in it as certain jurisdictional laws prohibits it. If a tenant does not pay rent the storage facility may confiscate the property inside and if the tenant still does not pay his dues then there would be a storage auction and all the property may be sold in the public. Some storage companies give discounts from time to time and offer insurance for all the items inside like maple view self storage.

Items an Individual can store

The things which could be stored in the facilities are:

  • Refrigerators
  • Air conditioners
  • Deep freezers
  • Television
  • Led screens
  • Microwave Owen
  • Lawn mowers
  • Cutters
  • Drill machines
  • Jewelry
  • Sofas

Facilities and Services Provided by the Self Storage

The facilities provide by the storage facility are:

  • 24 hour cctv camera footage access
  • 24/7 access to the facility by the tenants
  • Security devises for example electric fences
  • Modern and durable locks
  • Individual assistance in loading and unloading objects
  • Free access to the van
  • Free access to the trolleys
  • Shelving
  • Drive up roller door spaces

The room is walled with corrugated metal and the door is a metal hinge door or a roll up door. There is no windows and security personnel are present which reduces chances of theft. The facility is lockable by the tenant. The facility is often situated near the home of the tenant. There are elevators to provide easy transport and the facility is air conditioned and climate controlled. Some facilities provide proximity cards and biometric finger scan. The facility has a very good ventilation system. Loading docks are sometimes provide by the facility on the ground floor. There are cargo lifts. There easy pay of rent by visa. Storage auctions are televised and there is a show by the name of storage wars. Payments can be done easily by mobile phones or by computer by the Internet.The company often provide shelves and mini boxes. Only we have an access to the facility as we keep the key. There is home relocation service facility. There is mobile public storage facility.

Demand for the Self Storage

Nowadays the demand for these storage facilities are increasing and people are attracted towards more space for storage so that they can keep important stuff and items. Many companies offer pocket friendly packages like Yorkdale Self Storage.

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